Global Entrepreneurship Week in Iraq: A Week of Inspiration, Learning, and Development.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), now reaching Iraq, is a five-day event packed with dialogues, workshops, and activities designed to foster entrepreneurial spirit and inspire ambitious youth. Believing in the potential of young minds and recognizing Iraq's future dependency on this potential, Ayn Al Fahad Company, in collaboration with JBL, has sponsored this event alongside a consortium of other major Iraqi companies, in partnership with  The Station, a non-profit organization specialized in supporting entrepreneurial youth and startups.

The Station operates as a business incubator providing open spaces for youth and startups, including a café and conference hall hosting regular activities. Additionally, The Station offers training and developmental programs for college students and young individuals, aiming to equip them for entry into Iraq's growing job market.



On the first day, two discussions session took place. The first session focused on renewable energy, while the second delved into the tourism sector in Iraq. Attendees engaged with notable speakers and startup companies, exchanging ideas and experiences during the event.


On the second day: Startup Huddle featuring companies in the food industries.

open discussion with the audience to address the most crucial challenges and steps in the field of food industryes

On the second day, a discussion session was held featuring two leading companies in the food industries and restaurants: 'Eat and Go' restaurant group and 'Alien's Burger.' These companies shared their success stories and experiences in this sector, addressing the challenges and proposing solutions that aspiring youth may encounter in this field.

The third day: How to start your own gaming company.

On the third day, there was a special event dedicated to gaming enthusiasts, developers, and those seeking opportunities in this dynamic sector. Discussions revolved around the economic impact of this field in the workplace environment in Iraq. There was a focus on guiding and educating interested youth and students to embark on their professional path within this exciting field. Additionally, insights were shared about a professional game being developed by a team of young Iraqi programmers

Brand Manager of JBL introduces a brief overview about JBL and Ayn Al Fahad, the official provider in Iraq . announces to the attendees the gifts that will be presented to the audience


The final day: A TAJARB podcast

On the final day, a live podcast was held featuring the CEO of ”Lemune” a leading food and household essentials delivery application company. They shared their experiences with the audience, engaging in an informative and inspiring discussion, aiming to educate and assist ambitious youth in this field.


Ayn Al Fahad Company, along with its partner JBL, a global leader in audio technology, actively participated in and sponsored this event. They offered a diverse range of audio headphones for free to the attendees to support their engagement and interaction throughout the week's activities. This gesture emphasized the importance of supporting initiatives that empower the most vital segment of society - the youth

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