All you need to know about VR Glasses

All you need to know about VR Glasses

VR Glasses:

Virtual Reality or virtual world glasses are the near future. We certainly enjoy watching 3D movies, and this is because when we watch such films, we are more influenced by these films because they add a bit of reality to 3D technology but you can imagine doing Watching 3D movies, but 360 degrees, you'll feel like you're inside the movie and not just watching it, that's exactly what VRs do, or real-world glasses, because they make you feel realistic while watching Play or play a game of virtual reality games.


Virtual Reality Glasses Second Edition


The virtual reality glasses in the second release of movies and games 3D with a wireless Bluetooth remote and a screen. Enjoy and enjoy the virtual reality of watching movies and videos and running special games for this feature.

 Product Features:

- Stylish, distinctive and innovative design, characterized by this origin


The second version of the R - Box of 3D virtual reality simulated 3D glasses for smart phones. They make you live

Light weight and lighter lenses.

- Allows you to watch movies and video clips such as 3D movies and movies up to 1000 inches and after a meter of the event, allowing you to see and display real.

- Allows you to play rich 3D technology for games compatible with this technology

- Allows you to browse YouTube and Google Maps.

- Google's StreetView feature lets you stand in the world's most prominent features

Such as the Eiffel Tower and other landscapes.

- Adjustable distance between the two lenses to suit each person.

- Comes with flexible elastic strap for head and adjustable.

- There are programs and games supporting this feature only Search in the software store

 Or Father Astor on behalf of 3D GOOGLE CARDBOARD or CARDBOARD VR.

- Remote Control Bluetooth developed for game control.

- Internal display of glasses

 How the glasses work:

- Any program that supports this technology is loaded and the mobile is inserted into the camera.

product specification:

- Compatible with most smart phones & phones for all types of iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG and many devices of the size 4.7 ~ 6 inches.

  Fund Contents:

- Basic glasses with elastic belt and glass lenses

Bluetooth Remote Control

Count 2 Foam Sticker

Swab to clear lenses

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