Ayn AlFahad launches the first Online wholesale B2B Marketplace for Smartphones and Accessories in Iraq and the Middle East

Ayn AlFahad launches the first Online wholesale B2B Marketplace for Smartphones and Accessories in Iraq and the Middle East

Baghdad, July 27, 2019. Ayn Al Fahad on Saturday announced the launch of a state-of-the-art B2B wholesale marketplace for Samsung Smartphones and its accessories to allow its resellers and business partners to have access to hundreds of phones and accessory items and order it online as merchants. The step comes after the company’s successful launch of its retail online store known as Ayn AlFahad Retail Online Market.


“This step comes in line with our strategic vision to strengthen our relations with our resellers and business partners across Iraq. A milestone which complements our initial initiative where we managed to launch Ayn Al Fahad online retail store that included all the company’s products and services online. Our customers were able to order our products online and ensure a fast and guaranteed door-to-door delivery”, said Dr. Ziad Tareq, Chairman and CEO of Ayn Alfahad Group. 


“The company ensures to consistently uphold a strategic method of cooperation and integration with its resellers and distributors. A dedicated professional team works diligently to manage relationships and provide necessary support to enhance their capabilities and products knowledgewhich reflects positively on us being able to provide distinguished services to our customers in various fields including after-sales services. Our resellers are now able to have swift access to wholesale prices for  Samsung devices and accessories and other AynAlfahad own products through Ayn AlFahad’s wholesale online market. Not only that, but approved resellers of Ayn AlFahad are also now able to place their orders online and have it delivered to their shops,” said Dr. Ziad Tareq.


About Ayn Al Fahad


Launched in 2004 with clear vision and objectives reflecting the absolute commitment towards its customers in providing the best solutions and products in the world of telecommunications. AynAlfahad became a leading company in Iraq providing the latest innovations in the world of mobile phones and services.


AynAlFahad is considered today one of the leading companies in providing innovative solutions and services for mobile phones and accessories, and has a network of branches covering the city of Baghdad in addition to a network of resellers in all governorates of Iraq. We believe that our success is linked to our commitment to quality and authenticity of our products. We strive to provide products from original sources to maintain the quality of products offered to our customers. In order to achieve all of the above AynAlFahad has made customer satisfaction at the forefront of its priorities. A specialized customer service department managed by a group of highly qualified engineers and technicians is established to better service its customers. 


Ayn Al Fahad has also attained the distinction of becoming an authorized distributor to a number of noteworthy smartphones and accessories manufacturers including Samsung (Authorized Distributor for Iraq), as well as becoming the sole distributor to a number of international accessories manufacturers including the US based company Belkin, the well-renowned Italian Cellularline, as well as mcdodo, a US company specializing in high-quality phone accessories.


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