Itel charger EU ICW181E White 18W fast charging

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Munifacture No.: ICW-181E(White)
Item Code: 4462
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Model Name: ICW-181EOutput USB1: 5V=3A 9V=2A 12V=1.5AOutput USB2: 5V=3A 9V=2A 12V=1.5AUSB1+USB2: 5V=3ACable-M11PLength: 1MCurrent: 2AInterface: Micro-USB to USBCW-181E-White4462
Model Name: ICW-181E
Output USB1: 5V=3A 9V=2A 12V=1.5A
Output USB2: 5V=3A 9V=2A 12V=1.5A
USB1+USB2: 5V=3A
Length: 1M
Current: 2A
Interface: Micro-USB to USB


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